Sunday, November 11, 2012

Living Unbound....

An Indian celebrates Independence Day on the 15th of August every year.It's a day we celebrate because we became free from the Britishers.The world saw how a truely 

great freedom struggle brought down the British empire in India.It's actually like a bollywood flick,the good guys winning in the end.But this post is neither about 

bollywood or about our great freeedom struggle.It's about Independence!!!

When we say we are Independent do we actually mean it?Is independence only bound to the freedom our nation enjoys?I dont think so and I guess a lot of my friends would 

agree to it.Unfortunately in India still there are crores of people who dont enjoy their Independence.In rural India kids are taught from school to follow what the 

teacher says.Don't question what is being said.The mind is fed things which are full of weeds.A girl talking to a boy is thought of as a crime and because all the kids 

are taught so no one dares to break that rule and even if someone does manage to do so the next thing you know is the girl and the boy getting a scolding from either 

the school teacher or the parents at home.They say the base of a building should be strong but if the base itself is baseless then what can a 10 year old kid do about 

it.As we grow older we develop a thinking of our own.Some start finding that the teachings in school were utter rubbish as far as thoughts are concerned,some 

unfortunately stay with that same thinking.But a lot of it also has to do with the surroundings one has.In rural India people don't care about making a career.All they 

think of is getting into a business run by their forefathers.They get bound by the same little thoughts that were sown into them when they were young.Also people who 

do think of getting some sort of formal education choose careers based on what their fathers or relatives think will bring money to their pockets and not on the basis 

of their interests.People in India actually hardly ever rebel.They are happy with what they get.We settle for things with small benefits and let that dream of ours die 

below the burden of traditions and culture.

We say that our history and culture is great.Indeed it is!But it isnt that great either and the reason being that simply because of the same history and culture we 

dont do things which we might have done in other places of the world.The same history and the same culture is actually making us less independent than ever before.And 

the sad part is that this is not just bound to rural India.Almost all the major cities of India have people who have a defensive attitude.We hate change and we hate 

being alone.If we personally think that a product is good but 10 others say that it isnt we may end up not buying that just because 10 others were against it.We so 

hate being alone.There are atleast 5-10 moments in a day where we go against our ownselves just because we fear being alone.This fear is caused by the age old cliched 

question "what will others think about it?".I personally face this question on numerous occassions but then its how we all have grown up,worrying about what others 

will think.And because we are so worried about others we end up not doing what we actually should,we stop following our heart,we stop being independent.

You would be wondering then why have I given this post the name "Living Unbound" because till now all I have written is about how bound and dependent we are.Well the 

reason is that over the past year I have experienced a little bit of independence and its an awesome feeling I must say.Living in a big city is always helpful and if 

you are living alone then that is the cherry on the cake.It's not easy but the satisfaction is divine.The real sense of freedom emerges when you are alone and no one 

in the neighbourhood knows who you are what you do and where are you from.Well when you don't have one of your biggest obstacles in between then life is a lot more 

simpler.You don't have to worry about what will others think of you because who gives a damn about you,you are no one to them and to you they are neither of any 

relevance.Also there are no school teachers or parents to question your moves.You are free to shape your career the way you have wanted ever since you came to know the 

meaning of the word career.And the best part about living alone is that you can take chances.Risk chances unbound...all the three may be used in a different context on 

different occassions but when you actually look at them with an optimistic approach you will find that these are words that make an awesome trio.Every one has to take 

a risk somewhere or the other atleast once in their life.Obviously if you are optimistic there are ought to be chances out there for you and if you latch onto them you 

will gain what you would have dreamt of and would have come out of your own mental barricades.Life would then be unbound.

Life would also be unbound when we break a lot of old traditions which we know are not right but we still follow them,why?Didn't I mention that we are scared to be 

alone,its a tradition we are going against and in India that is a bigger SIN than honour killing!!Now to the illiterate that might be of no relevance but for someone 

holding a bachelors degree that is bullshit!!This is just an example,I am sure there would be thousands of such instances where we might feel the same but then we live 

such a bound life that we lower down our voice when its time to raise it.

This post might be like an amalgmation of different thoughts and by all means they are personal but I am sure that if i get some likes on facebook for this post then I 

would have some people who would follow the same thoughts as I do.

Time to wake up,time to live unbound!!!!


  1. well mahek...really great article...nice thoughts n very well written..i agree with ur every single word here..the fact about living alone and experiencing true freedom-well, i m experiencing it xactly quite well enough...i really njoyed reading ur post...n i hope to see more articles frm u soon enough...

  2. Hey mahak, I appreciate you coming up in this world and sharing your thoughts and have written all what you have experienced and that's nice to come up with a way to express. Though agreeing with most of your points, I would say that whatever you experienced is luring for less time, in a broader perspective when you will see Life, and if you continue to live so, there will be a day when you will be no matter what successful, achieved all but then when you will look back you will see a lot of things left incomplete. Thing is we all love freedom and also at the right time but then not all of us can handle that in a right way and the adrenaline in us take us to a lot of wrong places. Its all about choice again so I wish you All the luck but then will also advice that don't leave the roots, don't leave anything in the search of all what you wanted because we always are more protected in the shelter of those who know us well :) Enjoy