Thursday, December 6, 2012

The blurred life!!!

Life in the 20's is nothing short of a blur.You are full of energy yet you are not sure where to channelize that energy,goals are not clear.There's so much to choose from.All things come together.Love ,money,studies ,future and what not.You are out there fighting with the experienced guys who have been in this game since ages.You want to shed your wings and fly high but then there's a sense of insecurity wherein you do not know whether your wings are strong enough to stand the storm that might be on its way.Its not like school or college where your goals were defined.All you needed to do was to go to the next class and if you were a bit intelligent all you needed to do was to get good grades.People did not expect anything else from you.You were not expected to stand up for yourselves and you always had the backing of your family.You still have .But things are not so similar.All eyes are now on you.You are the center of attraction.People are looking up to you.The elders are expecting you to follow their footsteps and achieve things that they somehow could not achieve.People younger than you look up to you for inspiration.They want to be like you one day.And the funny part is here you are going through the motions,trying to figure out the right picture that life wants to present to you.But your vision isn't so clear.There's a blur.

But this is actually the real test of one's mettle.Its raw potential finding ways to be molded into that great picture that life has in store for us.Its all about finding the right fit,the right mold ,the right goal.Energy is in everyone of us,all we need is the right direction.Just like sun rays burn a piece of paper when focused upon it using a magnifying lens even we can crack the code of getting out of this blur.All we need is the right lens,the right goal!!!

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