Thursday, December 13, 2012

A letter to MOM

Sometimes in life we become so busy that we dont express ourselves to the fullest.And when we do its either grief or anger that comes out because that is really easy to lash out.But in this busy world we forget to express the love and affection we have for our loved ones.The ones with whom we may not talk everyday but then their love care and good wishes always accompany us.This letter is to the one who has had the biggest hand in shaping me into the 23 year old that I am today.This one is for you MOM.
When I look back at the life I have lived so far I feel a sense of pride in the human being I am and the freedom of thought that I enjoy and share.But this would not have been possible if I would have been suppressed into the narrow minded attitude that a lot of kids are forced into.Through the years gone by I have had the luxury of expressing myself and my feelings without the fear of getting beaten up or scolded. Of course there have been times when I and you have not shared the same opinion and many a times I have disagreed to your general outlook towards life and the world.But having said that never have you stopped me from following my heart and have always kept faith in me in whatever decisions I have taken so far.I have been one of those lucky kids who have got respect from people around me just because they know that I am your son.Your aura speaks more than a thousand words,the way you have grown in life has garnered respect from everyone who knows you.Hence I without doing anything got the respect that may be I would not have got if it would not have been for you.
Today when I sit back and go into flashback mode I remember how I used to cuddle next to you as a kid in the night because I felt so secure by your presence that I could close my eyes,forget all the worries and fears and sleep tight.I knew I was near my biggest guardian.Obviously with time I grew older and things changed.And the best part was that you as a mother changed with time.I never felt bound.I was allowed to do stuff that a lot of people growing up in my era were not allowed to.I completed my schooling and then went on to live away from you,I always looked at my side of things till the time Vivaan was born.For the first time there was someone who was younger than me in our family.And then through the last year or so I have seen what it takes to handle a kid.It has been the biggest gift life has given me so far because the way you handle him gives me a clear picture of how you would have handled me.
I know you love me a lot because every now and then you end up calling Vivaan by my name and that shows how much you are still attached to the little me who has now grown up so tall that you need to raise your neck and speak.
Its not mother's day,but I don't need a special day to remind myself how important you are in my life.I could go on and on but then I guess I have epitomised what I feel about you.Thank You MOM :)

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  1. Maky you have expressed feelings that every guy or gal of our age has.. :) Excellent dude..