Monday, December 31, 2012

Money Matters....

MONEY!!!!!....Probably one of the biggest inventions of man.Actually the biggest!! Everything in this world revolves around this 5 letter word.Its all about making money.We as human beings have made money such an important entity that our entire life revolves around it.Its all about how much bank balance one has as opposed to how much knowledge one possesses.If we look at the life cycle of an average human being we would  realize that from childhood itself money starts playing a major role.Even before birth ,our future is decided by money.The hospital that we are about to get delivered in is decided on the basis of how much income our family has.Once born ,the clothes that we wear ,the school that we go to ,the sports that we play..all are dependent by and large on that dreaded five letter word ,MONEY!!

As we grow older the only mission we have is to get a got enough Job,the one which may be of the least interest to us but it should be the highest paying one.Its important to earn money or else we would not be able to buy things which we have dreamt of. We spend hours at our work place just to earn that piece of paper at the end of the month. It also is the biggest status symbol. The more money you have the more your stature grows.And add to the fact that if you are an Indian then it completely becomes the bone of contention.The feeling of "what will other's think of us " never leaves us in peace.We want to keep on earning not for ourselves but to show others how much we possess.

But this has been going on for ages and willingly or unwillingly we have accepted that money is supreme and existence without it is next to impossible.Then you would wonder why I am being so cynical of the fact that we have made money as our priority.The reason being, we in our quest for wealth have actually forgotten basic human values.Let me cite an example..

Yuvraj Singh hits 6 sixes in an over and the government showers him with crores of rupees.That's fine,he did what not a lot of people can do.But a girl in Delhi gets raped and eventually after a hard fought battle dies.It somewhat wakes up a sleeping nation.But a day after the cremation of the brave girl ,two state governments announce that they will pay the parents of the girl 10 or 15 odd Lakh rupees.Now that to me is shameful and it epitomizes how sick and tired we are and how badly we are tangled up with money.We don't know how when or where to use this powerful tool.Whatever be the occasion we just throw in money.

There's no point in covering our backs when our souls have been ripped apart.Lets stop following the age old tactics,lets stop falling for a piece of paper whose value is increasing so much that we are on the brink of forgetting our own values.Time for us to show respect to other things in life.Time to set our morals straight.

Finally a salute to the spirit of the girl who passed away fighting.Respect!!!!

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