Friday, February 8, 2013

FrIeNdShIp !!!

Friendship!!! One word that has more hidden meanings than any other word in the English dictionary.Its a relation that a human being choses for his/her ownself,one that is not bound by blood,caste,religion or race.Sometimes it doesn't even require two human beings,pets play the part of the other half.Its a bond which also goes through a lot of stages,specially if the friendship starts from an early stage in life.

I have always been one of the few lucky one's who has got some of the best friends one could ever get.School and college would not have been as much fun as they were if not for those crazy and unique characters that I became friends with.From those crazy cricket matches to bike rides to birthday parties to just chatting on the phone,these people have given life a new meaning.But over the years some friendships have gone the wrong way as well.Misunderstandings,mistakes,hasty decisions have all added up to probably see the end of many a friendships .Its also about thinking and thoughts and circumstances.Times change,thoughts change and in most cases people think that the other person has changed.Yes people do change but then it is unfair to compare them to what they were earlier because things around them are not the same anymore.Years of friendship can end in days.But then that is where life is unpredictable.Losing a friend is painfull.Its not a good feeling to digest either and when you are probably the reason why people moved away from you then its even more painfull.

Having said that its important to realize the fact that some people come to your life only for a specific period of time,they give you memories for a lifetime,but they may not always be there till the end.Its important to remember the good things they tought you rather than thinking about how it ended.Everyone in life teaches us something,its all about what and how we take it.Not everyone is going to walk by you till the end,people do come and go ,one day or the other,one way or the other,its always about those days when you had a laugh with them,the days when you hugged them,spoke your heart out to them and thanked them for being the best.Each and everyone is special at one point of time in life,its important to recognize that and respect them for what they were and what they are even if they are no longer a part of your life.

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