Friday, February 22, 2013


Probably the most valued word of all time which can't be bought even today..This seven letter word has defined and re-defined the way we live our lives.And when it comes to India the weightage of this word grows on increasing inch by inch minute by minute and second by second.

Even before we learn to understand the true meaning of Respect,we are taught to respect our elders.Then in school we are taught to respect our teachers,fellow classmates,the peon etc etc..The list is endless to say the least.So growing up we get into the habit of respecting our elders,teachers,colleagues and so on.But then hell we have not yet fully understood the meaning of respect,because the way things are taught to us are partially correct and according to that partial education received we do not understand the real meaning of this immensely important word.

Unfortunately over the years there have been numerous instances which highlight the fact that due to way in which this word is portrayed people have succumbed to injustice and have kept themselves under the shackles.Instances of elder people taking advantage of just their age and exploiting small innocent children is something that comes first to the mind.The child doesn't say a word,why?because he/she has been taught that we need to respect our elders.The weight of pointing a finger at an elder person in the family is more than the suffering one has to go through because of that same person.

But its not just the small ones who suffer.In the corporate world a lot of young budding people have to shut up just so that they can act in a way that pleases their bosses.That is not respect,that's fear,fear of getting kicked out of the organization,fear of losing a job and with that a lot of other things.

And we as people play a major role in other men/women misusing this word because we are still trying to conquer our fears,we still respect people because of their age and position and not because of what they are in person.No one has the right to be respected just because of the fact that their parents could not control their desires which resulted into they being born early.Time for us to understand the true meaning of respect and giving it to those who truly deserve it.

Respect cannot be bought,it can only be Earned!!!

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