Sunday, February 10, 2013


This one is on a special request...But it probably captures one of the most interesting and important part of my life..Its about the life spent in a Hostel.

Its a strange feeling walking up the hostel stairs for the first time,your heart is in mixed state,it is looking forward to a new life but its also being held back by the burden of leaving the secured walls of your own home.Its emotionally challenging as well because you are moving away from the ones whom you probably love the most.But then after some initial days of struggle you actually manage to get to know people around you,people who are in a similar position as you are,sometimes worse but still there's a strange kind of bonding that emanates from the fact that you are not the only one who is going through the same dilemma.

As time rolls on you get to know a bit more about your companions,you get to know some good parts ,some bad parts and some ugly ones as well.And when those initial few days of missing home and bonding gets over ,you come to know the actual people around you.You realize that the ones who seemed good are not so good and the ones whom you thought were bad are not so bad.Life teaches you a lesson,a lesson about people,best described by the quote "Never judge a book by its cover".It teaches you not to judge people by how they look or dress but by what they think.

By the end of a year you almost know whom you wanna be for the rest of your time,you form a group,small or large,but you know the people who at some point or the other share the same interests as you do.It's like finding a home away from home.You have a new family,a bunch of guys who go bonkers over a nice girl passing by,who love their cricket,who are passionate about bikes and who hate exams !! Its with these people that you spend the best and the worst stages of your life.And with time you grow along with them,not just in age but in thoughts as well.

I have always believed that anyone who is about to enter college should spend those years in a hostel,with a bunch of crazy , ugly boys who one day or the other are going to mature into fine human beings.It teaches you a lot ,but the most important one is that it teaches you to evolve as a human being.


  1. good one , i guess you should write on behalf of me in one of my six subject !! It suits you :) :D

  2. Hey awesome!! But you need to capture the fun part of hostel too!!