Friday, March 8, 2013


Backlog is a word that I am quite used to hearing now because of the kind of work I do.We are 30-40-50 cases in backlog is what I hear at work everyday.Once I am back home I don't really dwelve upon what went by through the day but guess today is different.Don't know how till now I have missed this co-relation but I am glad that my mind just brought this up.

Now you would be wondering what is it that I am talking about.I am talking about Life!!!All these years growing up we go through various kinds of days,hours,moments,and strangely enough we all store them up somewhere in our brains.And we call them Memories.Memories play a vital role in how we progress as a person.They can be used to recall an awesome moment or a dreadful one.It all depends upon which situation we are in and what our thought process is.

Strangely enough we,with the help of these memories live most of our lives in BACKLOGS...We can't get over a set of memories that keep haunting us day by day month by month year by year.And not surprisingly there isn't a single person on this planet that doesn't have bad memories to haunt them along the way.These memories could be anything but the most common one's are : a lost job , a broken relationship , a disease ,a nightmare and so on and so forth.But it's not only the bad memories that hold us back,even the good ones keep us in a backlog.People don't move on with time,they get stuck to what they think was their prime.They would come upto you and say you know what at your age I had one helluva personality and they might be true but then with time they don't move on.It happens with every one,even I have been caught up in such a situation.It's not easy to get rid of these memories or backlogs but then in order to progress one needs to shed the load,get rid of the extra baggage and sail through.

Shedding those backlogs is more important than shedding those extra kilos that you might have put on by having a cheeze burst pizza.And just like every night, when we at work manage to get rid of the backlogs and have a laugh about the funny incidents of the day , you too can shed those backlogs from your life and have a laugh about it for the rest of your lives. :)

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