Saturday, December 7, 2013

Who Am I ??

Finally back to writing after a break , feels good. The sound of the keys on the keyboard as I manage to gather some speed while thinking about what's in store brings a smile on my face. Have an idea in mind but everything from here on is going to be impromptu. Let's start. 

People go through various stages in life.The good , The Bad and Of course The Ugly !!! This blog is for the bad and the ugly phase of life, but "The Good" is a silent mistress , its always there yet its presence is unknown...... There comes a stage in everyone's life when the world around seems to be crumbling . Nothing goes the way you wanted it to. No matter how hard you try all you get is sorrow and grief . People go into a shell and in order to get through this phase they try all sorts of things . The first thing that comes to mind is going to the astrologer asking them what's wrong , only to be told by him/her that some planet out there in universe is causing a problem. Most people believe in this and try different tactics as advised by the astrologer. They feel a sense of calmness as they think that things will be fine now. But life doesn't work on a planet which is some light years away from us. It works on our mindset and on how we look at things. It all depends on how we adapt to a tough situation ,tame it down and finally conquer it. All the great battles in this world have been fought on land,air,sea but have been won in the mind. Alright I realize that till now I haven't written anything which goes with my blog's title. But all this is like the pre-match analysis that is so common these days before a big game. Who Am I ?? This question should be on the priority list when you are feeling down and out,and you feel that the world around you is superior to you!!! The best part about this question is the fact that we don't have to phone a friend to get the answer or take an audience poll. The answer lies with us. All we need to do is go into flashback mode and recall all our achievements till date. People excel in various fields. Some are great sportsmen/sportswomen , some great students, some might have helped the underprivileged etc...The list is endless. Unfortunately though in times of despair people become pessimistic and start doubting their own abilities and then look for others to solve their problems. It has never worked that way and never will. All we need is a gentle reminder , a pep talk ,a voice from within ,with a clear message that reads : " Hey you are good enough ,get up and get going . " . So whenever in despair just ask yourself " Who Am I " , let the answers flow and face the world with a great sense of self belief. 

Note : You may stick a huge paper with Who Am I written in bold letters and all your achievements below it. The more you'll see those achievements the better you'll feel about yourself. 

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  1. Great work !! Do add that you have written this blog, in your list of achievements :)