Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Put It All On The Line !

Our greatest strength is courage and our greatest weakness is fear. Both emanate from the mind ! However when a tough situation arises the courage part in us takes a back seat and it's the fear that "rises to the occassion",atleast that's how i like to put it, but no matter how I or anyone else puts it,it's true that fear shows it's prominence. The fear of losing bogs the best of people down. Questions like "what if this doesn't work" strike terror in our mind(s) and all we do is waste our time trying to find ways to tackle our pessimistic side. It's basic human tendency to think about the "worst case scenario" ,and all the talk about being optimistic goes out of the window . Also what draws us to focus more on our fears is the fact that we as humans give too much attention to the end result and in doing so we forget about the process.Harsha Bhogle in his speech/lecture at IIM-A talks wonderfully about the importance of focusing on the process than the end result. Still many a times our minds get clogged with questions like "what if i don't get through to my dream institute " , "what if i don't get my dream job or what if i don't get paid as much as i want ". Obviously these "what if " questions differ from person to person and each has his/her own set of stumbling blocks,if i may call them so. Now I am no Robin Sharma to talk about inspiration and all but I feel that the last few months have given me enough reasons to believe that I have found a way to tackle these stumbling blocks .

Take Risks! Yes though It may sound simple but it is very tricky. Imagine leaving your job six to eight months prior to you joining a post grad institute of your choice and that too when you know the odds are against you . Putting it all on the line just to give it a shot with no guarantee of success. Sitting idle at home can be tough, real tough,specially when others around you make a living. It is verry easy to feel the pressure and succumb to it. Thoughts of failing and the burden of expectations can take a toll on your mind and heart. However, when you know that you don't have a way out,going back isn't an option,the doors are shut,all you do is look forward and that it what sets the ball rolling. And there are hundreds of examples of people who have enjoyed success the moment they have put it all on the line. 

Surprisingly as i write this another set of "what if" questions cross my mind. "What if I hadn't left my job ?" , "What if I hadn't thought of a post grad?" Probably i would still be working in a night shift at the moment instead of writing this blog. But I dreamed and I risked and I gave courage more imporatance than fear and even if things would not have gone the way they have I would have still been proud of my decision and I am sure I would have been happy about the fact that I backed myself and was ready to face the consequences. 

To all those people who,I know,are thinking about doing a post grad or thinking about a new job but are not putting their foot down and are holding themselves back,I would like to say "let it go and take a risk". Let life surprise you and as they say "luck favours the brave",so be brave,be courageous,let courage take over the fear in you. Time to take the plunge ! 

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  1. Great post after long time !! Probably some of the best things that have ever happened to you in life, happened because you said yes to something. Otherwise things just sort of stay the same :) take chances &never back down